At Protel, we’re well aware of the reputation call centers have earned over the years. And while, yes, we are a call center, we’re a lot more than that. We’re a team of people who actually like each other, enjoy coming to work, and consider ProTel our forever-work-home. We believe a fun, relaxing environment makes everyone a happy camper. As technology continues to advance and the communications industry changes, we plan to be there, providing excellent customer service and helping others find solutions that make their lives easier.

Join the ProTel Family

ProTel began doing business in 1982

under the guidance of former owner, Steve Thompson, during a time when the communications industry itself was undergoing a major shift with deregulation. Like many great ideas that were born in the 80s, ProTel Systems started in the basement, but grew too large to stay there. We bounced around Springfield in various locations until December of 1998, when we moved into our permanent home at 2929 N. Eastgate Ave. Steve officially retired in 2008 and sold ProTel to the existing managers, Bruce Jones and Shane Taylor, who own and manage the company today.

The call center is just one part of ProTel’s story.

The other part involves our work in applying technology with the purpose of improving communications. Since the way we communicate is ever-evolving, our process is as well. Our goal is to implement ways for all types of communication, including voice, data, video, print and holograms (we’re just guessing that’s the next big thing) to find the perfect, seamless fit for companies throughout the Ozarks. The idea is to get information more quickly at less cost. Communication is key to all relationships—business and personal, and if we can help improve the way people communicate, we
can also improve the world.

That might seem lofty, but we’re a big picture company. We want to be part of the solution—both in the office and across the globe, which is one of the reasons ProTel is heavily involved in United Way. And one of the reasons we do everything we can to make ProTel the kind of place where you build a career—we know that by investing in our people, we’re investing in our clients, and our future.


2929 N Eastgate Ave, Springfield MO, 65803 | 417.875.6099